Lauren Green’s Model Portfolio

I shot Model Lauren Green’s (from Catwalk Model Agency) new portfolio in December and she loved her images.

When i shoot Model portfolios I capture a few headshots, some boudoir, studio, lifestyle, commercial and high fashion images so the ladies can go away with a big variety of images for their portfolio.

Lauren is easy to shoot as she understands posing and her body but also isnt scared to try different facial expressions! One of Lauren’s many professions is in beauty so throughout the shoot she changed her own hair and make up so it constantly looked fantastic.

This first image is one of my favourite boudoir images to date and was taken with my 50mm (1.8 plastic fantastic) lens, natural light, whilst shooting through some flowers to create a forground, midground and background.

Snow White

Myself and Make Up artist Abbie Beaumont decided that in 2014 we should get creative!

Our first idea was a Snow White themed photo shoot. I wanted to keep it glamourous with an obvious winter feel and decided Model Charlie Cooper would be Superb as Snow White.

Abbie did a superb job with the Make Up (as per usual) and turned our beautifully tanned Charlie into a stunning snow queen…

I shot the image in my studio where i have a large seated window, with my 50mm plastic fantastic lens, the natural light coming in from behind charlie, a silver reflector (to add a bit of cool light to her face) and a bit of extra flash to brighten up my room (on a dark winters day!). Then the Sparkle effect in the background was added in photoshop!

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