How to get the most out of your wedding photos

So much of your wedding day will be fleeting - but the
photographs will live on forever. You owe it to yourself (and your
grandchildren!) to do everything you can to make them fabulous.

Before your Wedding day

Send me an invitation (or save
one to give me on our pre-wedding shoot) – Miss Vivienne Edge, 11 the firs,
Scarcroft Leeds, LS143JH.

Plan and use your pre-wedding
photographs. Whether you want to make a photo-guest book or a large framed
photo for guests to sign!

Make a list of close friends
and family you would like photographs with. Don’t waste your time trying to get
every last combo of grandparents, siblings and friends. I recommend sticking to
your wedding party and close family (as your group shots can turn out to be the
most stressful part of the day, especially when guests disappear).

 If you don’t hire a master of ceremony,
nominate a groomsman to help organize the group photographs (preferably one
with a loud mouth).

Create a Pinterest album of
wedding photographs you like and invite me to view it. I like to be creative
and try new photo ideas. It is also good for me to see what style of images you

If you’re having a church
ceremony please check whether photography is allowed and if there are any
restrictions (no flash is normal, sometimes photographers are asked to only
stand at the back)

On your Wedding day

Keep a tidy house / hotel room.
I don’t mind moving items from the backgrounds of prepared shots (I will set up
photos for makeup / the dress & shoes etc) however when the photo is impromptu its nicer to have a tidy background.

8. Get ready early! With hair and makeup artist’s working on your bridesmaids / mum before they begin on you, most of the time I find brides are running behind schedule to get their dress on. This means less time to take those important pre-wedding photos like your dad and bridesmaids seeing you for the first time. (I recommend to have a spare 5-10 minutes once you’re dressed for some posed photos) 

9. Walk Slowly down the isle! This also includes your bridesmaids…. Most wedding parties practically run down the isle with their heads down gazing the floor. If you and your bridesmaids space out and walk at a nice pace there is much more chance to capture some lovely photographs. 

 10. Leave enough time for those important family/group photos (20-30 minutes recommended) and then some of just the both of you (15-30 minutes recommended) 

 11. SMILE – even when were not taking those posed pictures of you and your new husband we will be taking documentary style shots of you with your guests!

12. Confetti, the more the better! Check with your venue that confetti is allowed prior to asking guests to bring some along. Some brides buy it in bulk so there is plenty there for their wedding guests. This makes a fantastic photo!

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